Can An HSA Be Used For Dental Expenses?

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With the language and definition of an HSA primarily as “medical expenses,” brings a lot of questions regarding an HSA and dental expenses. Can an HSA be used for Dental Expenses? The answer is yes!  If you have an HSA or are considering using one, keep in mind you can use this savings plan to fund expenses incurred from the dentist that your insurance plan does not cover. 

What Type of Dental Expenses Will the HSA Cover?
Ifyou have a high deductible insurance policy, you can add an HSA with the policy and utilize the funds you put in the account for dental expenses that are incurred for expenses your insurance does not cover. Most dental policies do not cover 100% of all procedures unless it is something like preventative care etc. So, if a person must see a dentist and have a couple of cavities filled and the insurance plan only covers a portion, then the HSA savings account is there to meet the gaps between what the dentist charges and your wallet.

Things to Consider
In most cases, dental expenses are qualified expenses, however if there are questions, a tax advisor is a good start to consult to make sure that what your dentist services are matched with what the IRS considers a qualified medical expense.With the rise in health care, dental costs and insurance deductibles, an HSA is a great account to have to fill in those gaps and give peace of mind when it comes time to go to the dentist.Going to the dentist isn’t something most people enjoy doing in the first place.Getting that bill in the mail showing you what you owe after your insurance company doesn’t cover certain procedures, or maybe only covers half isn’t what a person normally looks forward to. Some insurance companies will not cover anesthesia for children under a certain age. So, if you have a young child that must have a lot of dental work, and your insurance company doesn’t cover this procedure, an HSA can be used for this type of situation.

So even though the dentist is not the most exciting place to go to, having an HSA is something to look forward to when you see the dentist, to cover those costs your dental insurance typically does not cover.